How Can I Remove the Password of BIOS (Basic Input Output System)

PC Solution :

We have a two ways to remove the password of BIOS

Step1 → Open the CPU Cabinate from one side > On Motherboard you can see the (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semi-Conductor) CMOS battery* (Remove the battery and Start your PC, While window is loading turn off Pc again. Then Add Battery and Start your PC) Password is Removed Successfully.

Step2 → Open the CPU Cabinate from one side > On motherboard You can see the CMOS Jumper setting of three pin’s near CMOS battery only > by default jumper set’s as Save changes in BIOS (one Pin is not involved) Change the jumper setting from normal to Clear BIOS setting in the three pin’s > Start PC for load window then restart PC again *Change the Jumper setting to Default once again* Then Start PC (Password will be Removed Successfully)

Thank You