How to Save any Webpage as PDF or Image

PC Solution :

Requirement :-
1) Firefox (Any version)
(If you don’t have it, then go at Bottom of this post)

Follow the steps.

1) Open you Firefox (if you don’t have then Download it)

2) Then go to “ ”

3) Then click on Download or Continue to Download

then downloading and installing process will start it self.

→ After Installing, Firefox will ask to Restart. so please restart it to install that add-ons completely. (Please Bookmark my Blog because it might close all the website and start it again)

Now after restart go to Tools menu > Pdfit > save as …

if you simply want to save whole page as PDF. Press ALT+3. and have Save dialogue to save whole page as PDF.. other options are in Tools Menu.

→ Many people complaining that we don’t have Firefox. Don’t worry. i have solution for it.

Open any webpage you like to save as PDF. then Copy its URL

Ex: ( or (

then go to ” ” and Paste that URL on this website and Click on “Convert to PDF”.. wait and your PDF is ready to Download.

Thanks for reading..