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  1. NCSA (National Computer Science Academy)

    Free Certification Exams

    STEP 1:Profile Setup (New User)
    None of the information you provide to us including your email address will be sold, given, etc. to anyone without your express consent. Your email address is used to send you test results and as a means of verifying your identity for our records only. Be sure and read the description of the exam format and procedures to make sure you understand them before you begin your test. Thanks again and good luck!

    Online Exams Click Here

  2. Free Online Test Engine

    In this fast moving world the people need the tests to be unique, easy to use, reliable and time saving. The way to achieve that is to give to our visitors access to the tests anytime, anywhere by publishing then freely in the Internet. For you we’ve created our Online Test Engine that has been designed and developed to meet this challenge of Educational institutions. CiscoTests.ORG has experience in developing Online Test Engines with a great history of successfully completed projects. We worked on our Test Engine with greatest consultants and specialists of any complexity required by School, College, Coaching Institute, Companies or any other Test related approaches.

    Working with industry experts and our online users we have developed Online Test Engine that works similar to real tests and exams. But we made it a little bit more complicate than the real exams and we are sure that very soon you will confirm that.

    There are two types of questions in our tests – with single and with multiple answers. However we will not tell you how many true answers there are in each question. Also, for some of the questions you can see a figure with the exact network picture for the question. Our database contains thousands of questions. All of them are specially selected and are preaty close to the real exams.

    Each test is unique and contains 55 questions with duration of 90 min. Be careful with your time, because in the end the test will be submited automaticaly!

    The current version of the Test Engine is based on the following Cisco exams:

    100-101 – ICND1
    200-101 – ICND2
    200-120 – CCNAX – CCNA Routing and Switching

    Start Online Exam CLICK HERE

    Good luck!

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